Dog rules & guidelines

for the patio

Dogs are allowed only on the patio in designated areas during the times* listed below.

(*Times are subject to change without notice and at the discretion of Shoal Creek Saloon Employees.)

Monday - Friday | 2PM - Close

(Except 1 Hour Prior to and During All Saints, UT and LSU Games) 

Saturday & Sunday | All Day

(Except 1 Hour Prior to and During All Saints, UT and LSU Games) 

You can check the Saints, UT and LSU Football Schedule Here

rules & guidelines

  • Dogs are ONLY allowed at the red picnic tables and the tables along the back railing closest to the creek.

  • Only service animals are allowed inside the restaurant.

  • Dogs must be on a NON-RETRACTABLE leash at all times. You must keep your dog close to you at all times.

  • Make sure dog(s) stay on the ground and out of the aisles. Dogs (even small ones) are not allowed on tables, in your lap, in chairs or on benches.

  • Bring your own food dish and water bowl. Health code prohibits dogs from eating and drinking from restaurant dishes, flatware and glasses.

  • Clean up after your dog. There is a poo can located by the dumpster in the parking lot.

  • Excessive barking and bothersome behaviors are not permitted.

  • Any type of aggressive behavior will not be tolerated and you be asked to pay your bill and remove your dog from the property. 

  • As a common courtesy to other patrons and their canine companion's, please make sure your dog is current and up to date on all of their necessary vaccines and preventable treatments.

  • Shoal Creek Saloon is NOT liable or responsible for your pet or ANY injuries to your pet, for any reason, at any time, while at Shoal Creek Saloon.